• If the loan is required for building of a dwelling house, completing or extending a house, the following documents are required:
  • Two photocopies of the Statutory Certificate of Occupancy or Deed of Conveyance in case of land acquired through third party hitherto allocated by the Federal Government ‘or State Government  to the title holder through letter of allocation.
  • Approved building, site and survey plans prepared by appropriate licensed professionals.
  • Cost estimate prepared by a qualified Quantity Surveyor.
  • A written confirmation from the Federal and State Ministry i charge land matters that the land is still vested in the holder’s name.
  • A letter of consent to mortgage the property from the State Governor or the FCT Administration.
  • Deed of Guarantor’s form with Applicant’s and Guarantor’s Gazettes of Confirmation appointment or Commission Letter of Service.
  • Declaration of Next of Kin form.